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Uttaranchal, Uttarakhand -'Early ripening of ""Kaafal"" a fall out of global warming' ..!!

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The early ripening of the popular 'Kaafal' wild fruit in Uttarakhand is being seen by experts as a fallout of global warming in the Himalayan region.
The edible wild fruit has hit the markets this year a month before than the usual time and it is being sold at four times higher than its normal rate.
The regional fruit markets received the supply of 'Kaafal' fruit on Sunday and the "surprised" traders bided a higher rate for it, sources said.
Such incidents are example of the impact of climate change and global warming that has begun to affect the Himalayan region in many ways, experts said.
Glacier retreat, early flowering and early leaf production in many trees, and arrival of mosquitoes at altitudes beyond their traditional range are some of the examples of the climate change in the region, they said.
Eminent ecologist and vice-chancellor of HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar, Garhwal said "a species can fruit early in a direct response to warming." "However, it can start fruiting also under a stress, such as drought," he said.
The warming by enhancing the rate of evaporation can cause water stress on trees, thus forcing them to complete reproductive cycle quickly, he said.
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